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Kelzie-Beebe Kelzie Beebe  Bloomington Resident
Jen B Jen Bollero Green County Resident,
Band Director at Bloomfield
Former Co-Director of SBB
Priscilla-Borges Priscilla Borges* Bloomington Resident, Singer,
Web & Graphic Designer, Co-owner of Internet-Minded Design & Development
Xandri V. Clifton IU Student
Stan Curts Engineer,
Indianapolis/Bloomington Resident
David Ernst* Bloomington Resident,
Co-owner of Internet-Minded Design & Development
Nina-Fales Nina Fales Bloomington Resident
 Linda-Gales150 Linda Gales Bloomington Resident
  Lisa Hornibrook Bloomington Resident
Brad Loar Stage Crew,
Bloomington Resident, Textillery Weavers
Valenda Loar Bloomington Resident,
Textillery Weavers
  Brian McNulty* Jacobs School of Music Student,
Doctor of Music, Percussion
Co-Director of SBB
  Karisa L. Millington* Bloomington Resident
Paula-Reynolds Paula Reynolds Bloomington Resident
Matthew-Woods Matthew Woods IU Student
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